1. everyone pray that i somehow get to move to london in the fall of 2014 please and thank you very much ily

  2. baroquedown:


    this is so me every time i come home [from school]


    i look like i’m having an asthma attack or something i don’t know man my lips look huge i hope they’re not like that irlĀ 

    also i don’t usually have my mouth open but i just like my two front teeth ok

  4. I feel like a loser cos I should have started reading this book sooner. It’s like a must read for pretty much everyone. Anyway, yay for reading two books at once!

  5. ben took this a while ago in his hometown. those two days were absolutely amazing and this was such a cute place to take me to. :D

    i’m also seeing him this sunday and then next weekend most likely, so yay!

  6. babies

  7. Chillaxin’