1. Michelle Rodriguez is so badass ugh marry me

  3. Shitty ass pictures but I’m selling these! Used them 2 times / from Zara / perfect condition except for used soles (twice) and a few creases as you can see on the photo / RRP was £100, selling for £45. Shipping to England is 5 and elsewhere in the EU it’s 10. If USA/Rest of the world it’s 12. They’re size UK6/EU39/ US8.5

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    General Idea S/S 2015 

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  5. Erwin Termaat

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  6. Lmao yes

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    Raphael’s Madonna with Child


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      compliments don’t get people killed. 

    As long as no one is “harassed” I don’t see what’s soooo wrong with being complimented by random men. Like seriously. Are they following you? No. Are they saying profane things? No. Are they threatening you? No. So chill.

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